1:1 Clarity Session with Shana

1:1 Clarity Session with Shana

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Book a 30-minute 1:1 Clarity Session with Me-est Me's Founder, Shana Rehwald. 

This is perfect for: 

  • Someone who is going through a transition and needs support on next steps
  • Someone who is ready to live a more aligned life and figure out what alignment looks like for them
  • Someone who is going through a break up or divorce
  • Someone who is ready for a career change, but not sure how to pivot 
  • Someone who wants to launch their own business, but doesn't know where to start 
  • Someone who needs support on embracing and connecting with their authentic self
  • Someone who needs to talk to a neutral, unbiased source 
  • Someone who is already a business owner and needs clarity on what's next

I'm not a therapist or a coach, but I know what it's like to be:

  • In the midst of a transition and not know what to focus on next
  • To build a business all on your own
  • To go through a divorce after 10 years of partnership
  • To quit your job after building a successful career
  • To pivot careers completely
  • To leave a heterosexual relationship for a same sex relationship
  • To take a leap using self trust and intuition
  • To build the life of someone else's dream and then steadfastly choose my own
  • To send hundreds of cold emails with no responses
  • To suck it up and keep going
  • To choose to be accountable to myself and continue moving forward

Once you sign up, I'll reach out directly to find a time for us to chat.