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Step into your power.

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Journaling was something I had been wanting to try but never knew how to really get started but Me-est Me took out all the worry and self doubt, and helped me work thru my thoughts and emotions on the page! Love recommending this journal to anyone no matter where on their self journey they are! Even better love giving it as a gift!

Collen W.

Me-est Me has allowed me to look inward in a really fun way and I’m super thankful I made this into a ritual for when I’m feeling overwhelmed or uninspired! Great pricing, well designed, and super appealing for journaling to both novices and beyond!

Leisha B.

What truly sets "Me-est Me" apart is its ability to foster personal growth by challenging me to dig deeper, ask questions that matter, and set meaningful intentions. It's not just about self-reflection; it's about self-action. The prompts empower you to uncover your true desires and values and then take the steps necessary to manifest them in your life.

Julie N

This journal is one of the best purchases you can make for yourself in the category of self care, to reconnect with you and dig a little deeper without it feeling like a chore is such a gift. It’s become a favorite morning routine.

Sara S.

I love this journal! The content is incredible and beautifully designed with questions that really make you dig deep and think. Additionally, the pages are very high quality, which makes the tangible experience of journalling feel a bit more luxurious. I ended up buying one for my boyfriend's sister!

Michaela B

I love the Me-est Me Journal! The prompts are amazing and really made me think about myself and my values and priorities. Great paper quality and design too.

Sarah S.


I'm Shana!

I created a journal using the tools that helped me when I got divorced and quit my established career path in the same year... which happened to be the year 2020. Talk about a whirlwind! Suddenly the two things I identified with for a third of my life had shifted and I had no clue what to do next. I decided to create the Me-est Me Journal using the prompts and exercises that helped me reconnect with myself when I really needed them. 

My superpower? I learned years ago that I’m able to connect with people pretty quickly upon meeting them. It’s wild some of the stories people have shared with me before even sharing them with their closest friends or family! I learned that by showing up as the me-est me, the most authentic, comfortable, honest version of myself, I can create space for you to show up comfortably too... to be your version of the me-est me. So, I created a journal to assist in just that. 

The questions used throughout this workbook helped me get to know myself after a major life transition. They helped me get grounded in me and celebrate parts I had overlooked when I hit “hard restart” on my life. I wanted to create something that anybody could use to reconnect with themselves and celebrate their version of the me-est me.

guided journal book by Shana Rehwald